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Relevant KLC Policies

The KLC has policies and protocols that relate to Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge, and conducting research in the Kimberley.


The KLC Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge Policy
(IP & TK)

The KLC IP & TK Policy has been endorsed by the KLC and REAC and is designed to set standards for how research is conducted. All research must observe the following aims:

Respect Kimberley Aboriginal peoples’ values and customary obligations

Respect Kimberley Aboriginal peoples’ right to self determination

Acknowledge Kimberley Aboriginal peoples’ rights to natural and cultural resources

Recognise the rights of Kimberley Aboriginal people to their Aboriginal cultural and intellectual property; and

Ensure that Kimberley Aboriginal people benefit from research conducted on their land and in their communities.

Prospective researchers should also read the relevant KLC policies below prior to submitting requests.

Go to the KLC Intellectual Property and Traditional Knowledge Policy


NEW! Kimberley Saltwater Country Research Protocol (for natural & cultural resource management research)

External parties interested in doing natural or cultural resource management research with Kimberley saltwater groups (groups whose Native Title claims or determinations include Kimberley coastal areas) are required to follow the new Kimberley saltwater country research protocol.

The protocol consists of:

1. A Guide for Researchers
(Collaborative Science on Kimberley Saltwater Country - A Guide for Researchers)

2. An online proposal form
(Proposal to undertake natural or cultural resource management research in marine or coastal areas of the Kimberley)

The new protocol has been developed with the input of Kimberley saltwater groups and researchers. It applies to all research on natural and cultural resources occurring on the lands or seas of Kimberley saltwater people.

Go to the Guide for Researchers
Go to the online proposal form

For all other research, the standard KLC Protocol and written application apply.

KLC Protocol (for all other research)

The Research Ethics and Access Committee (REAC) provides guidance to researchers wishing to conduct research on traditional Aboriginal lands or waters in the Kimberley, with Kimberley Aboriginal communities, and/or with the Kimberley Land Council.

If external parties or prospective researchers are keen to conduct activities with Kimberley Aboriginal people, or on their lands/waters, or to film on country they must formally request to do so through REAC. They are required to adhere to the KLC Research Protocol and submit a detailed written proposal as required by REAC.

Go to the KLC Research Protocol
Go the the REAC Questions for Researchers

Requests must be submitted to the REAC at least twelve weeks prior to the commencement of the activity by email at reac@klc.org.au or postal mail:

Research Ethics and Access Committee
c/o Executive Assistant,
Kimberley Land Council
PO Box 2145
Broome WA 6725

For further information regarding research please contact us on
(08) 9194 0100.