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Referendum Council visits Broome

Feb 13, 2017

Kimberley and Pilbara Aboriginal people came together in Broome over the weekend for an important meeting discussing Constitutional reform.

Co-convened by the Kimberley Land Council, the meeting is the second in 12 First Nations Regional Dialogues being held around the country to help Referendum Council members hear Indigenous views on changing the Australian Constitution.

Throughout the three-day event the group heard from Referendum Council members Pat Anderson (Co-chair), Megan Davis and Noel Pearson who discussed the main questions relating to Constitutional reform that people need to consider.

Kimberley Land Council Chief Executive Officer and Co-convenor Nolan Hunter said there were many diverse opinions throughout the weekend, but recognising and empowering first nations of Indigenous people was the clear theme that emerged.

“This is a Nation building exercise. Constitutional reform is no magic bullet; but it's about compelling government to act so we can rebuild our Nations,” Mr Hunter said.

“This is about more than just words, this is about ‘doing’. It goes further, for example, than the Apology, the anniversary of which we mark this week, because ‘sorry’ is not a doing word.

“Change is not in the saying, it is in the doing and that is the opportunity we have now.”

The dialogues will culminate in the National Indigenous Constitutional Convention in Uluru later this year. KLC CEO Nolan Hunter will lead a delegation of 10 leaders from the north WA region to the event, including Peter Yu, Irene Davey, Anthony McLarty, Cherie Sibosado and Wayne Bergmann from the Kimberley and Patrick Churnside, Lorraine Injie, Evelyn Krockez, Jahna Cedar and Peter Windie from the Pilbara.

For more information about the Referendum Council and the dialogues or to have your say, please visit www.referendumcouncil.org.au