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Kimberley Land Council takes community driven solutions to Canberra 

Apr 13, 2016
Kimberley Land Council takes
KLC delegates went to Canberra in March 2016 for a series of meetings with government to raise key challenges and opportunities for Aboriginal people in remote Australia, including the promotion of our ranger program which is helping to conserve endangered species and build on existing social and economic opportunities.

The Kimberley Land Council went to Canberra in March 2016, armed with evidence of highly successful programs that deliver real change to the lives of Aboriginal people, while at the same time delivering valuable outcomes to the nation.

Speaking at the Pew Foundation’s Outback Forum, KLC CEO Nolan Hunter stressed the need for community driven solutions to the issues facing Indigenous people.

“We come to Canberra a week after the tragic suicide of one of our young people,” said Mr Hunter.

“But we want to bring a message of the renewed hope and positive change that is being delivered by community driven solutions in our region.

“We have seen great successes from the innovative partnership projects we have developed and implemented.  Through our partnerships with governments and the philanthropic and private sectors, we have been able to focus on delivering social and economic outcomes to our people and our communities.

“As we mark the 10th year of Closing the Gap reports, it is a matter of national importance that we leverage these opportunities to realise sustained economic and social development for our people,” said Mr Hunter.

“The best way to do this is by supporting our communities to deliver on the ground solutions.

“In partnership with the Commonwealth, we have run a number of very successful Working On Country, and Indigenous Protected Area programs, which have delivered real jobs and training, economic and social improvements, and valuable benefits to individuals, communities, and the nation.

“Their success comes from the level of local community engagement in design, staffing, operation, and oversight. We need to build on and expand this model, and the KLC has undertaken extensive research and project development work to inform the decisions of governments and communities,” said Mr Hunter.

“Our planning clearly identifies the many opportunities available to Traditional Owners to develop enterprises based on the cultural and environmental value of their country, and these can be maximised through long term partnerships with governments and the philanthropic and private sectors.

“We are serious about empowering Aboriginal people to address the issues facing themselves and their communities, and call on Australia to back our people to drive solutions at the community level.