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Aboriginal groups cross borders to work together and push the boundaries in new cattle deal

The KLC would like to congratulate the Kimberley Traditional Owners who have today announced the acquisition of Myroodah Station after four years’ negotiation with the Indigenous Land Corporation.

In the multi-million dollar deal, Walalakoo Aboriginal Corporation (WAC) will sub-lease Myroodah Station to the Indigenous-owned Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company, which is made up of a collective of three other Indigenous owned pastoral stations - Mt Anderson, Frazier Downs and Bohemia Downs.

The Kimberley Agriculture and Pastoral Company will become the biggest Indigenous-owned cattle venture in the region, delivering jobs, career pathways and training opportunities for local people.

The initiative of Aboriginal groups to work together across boundaries and create economies of scale will enable participation in national and international markets, generating significant opportunities and co-benefits for the Kimberley mob.

We are seeing more and more of this type of thinking across the region, with another example being the Aarli Mayi aquaculture project. This project involves three different Kimberley Aboriginal saltwater groups working together to create a salt water asset that delivers sustainable, environmental and economic prosperity for future generations.

By working together Kimberley Aboriginal people have the ability to push the boundaries of what was ever thought possible. Kimberley people are realising the potential of their native title rights to build prosperity that centres on community, country and culture.