“Getting back country, looking after country and getting control of the future...”

 Noonkanbah March, 1980

Noonkanbah March, 1980

This year we celebrate 40 years since the Kimberley Land Council was formed. In our fortieth year we are as strong as ever. Kimberley Aboriginal people still stand together as one mob, with one voice.

Since 1978 there have been challenges and triumphs. From the pivotal days of Noonkanbah to the present we have been walking the long road to justice.

It is this drive to improve the lives of the Kimberley mob and fight for what is rightfully ours that makes the KLC what it is today.

In 2018, the Kimberley is approximately 80 per cent native title determined. We know the last 20 per cent will be just as hard to win back as the first 80. We will remain strong and continue on this path, advocating for justice and recognition for our people.

We welcome all of our members and supporters to join us in celebrating our 40th year, remembering how far we have come and standing together for the journey ahead.

There will be two significant events occurring in 2018 as part of our anniversary celebration:

The KLC is co-convening the National Native Title Conference in Broome from 5 to 7 June. This is the premier native title gathering in the country, with in excess of 700 people expected to attend.

For more information please visit the AIATSIS website.

Kimberley Land Council 40th celebration and AGM

The KLC will hold its AGM in September, including a major 40th anniversary celebration. More details to come.