Gibb River Station on Wilinggin country in the Kimberley 

KLC Media Releases

Apr 11, 2017        KLC calls for native title transparency

Mar 31, 2017       KLC applauds Senate's rejection of 18C changes

Mar 23, 2017       KLC responds to Native Title Amendment Bill 

Mar 21, 2017       Karajarri rangers set first crocodile trap 

Mar 17, 2017       Kimberley Indigenous rangers tackle bilby conservation 

Mar 02, 2017       Indigenous fire management program gets undeway 

Feb 13, 2017       Referendum Council dialogue discusses Constitutional reform 

Dec 21, 2016       Questions remain over remote services reform 

Dec 12, 2016       KLC and YAC announce new partnership 

Dec 09, 2016       Green Army uncertainty      

Nov 21, 2016       Rangers rise to Smackdown challenge 

Nov 18, 2016       Native title at heart of Fitzroy River Declaration 

Nov 14, 2016       Fitzroy River Declaration & media release - Issued on behalf of Traditional Owners 

Oct 28, 2016        KLC puts Aboriginal fire management on the world stage 

Oct 25, 2016        Second native title win for Gooniyandi people      

Oct 11, 2016        Ranger expertise on fire ground 

Sept 14, 2016      Community closures still on the agenda

Feb 26, 2015       KLC calls on Prime Minister to lead mature conversation around Indigenous issues

Dec 1, 2015         Kurungal landowners celebrate legal recognition of their land after almost two decades

Nov 24, 2015       KLC represents Indigenous Australia at UN climate change conference in Paris

Aug 4, 2015         KLC new office complex officially opened for business

Jul 23, 2015        Aboriginal rangers capture cranky croc

Jun 23, 2015       New conservation areas declared across Eighty Mile Beach

Jun 03, 2015       Ngurrara women host cultural camp

May 07, 2015       State Government community reforms all PR and no substance

May 06, 2015       Ranger and IPA program request to PM    

May 05, 2015       Nyikina Mangala rangers catch rogue croc

Apr 22, 2015        KLC condemns community closures at United Nations

Mar 06, 2015       Barnett's actions threaten state's cultural, social, and economic future

Mar 05, 2015       Alliance of WA Land Councils joint statement    

Feb 11, 2015       Closing the Gap requires investment in Indigenous enterprises and jobs

Dec 16, 2014       Kimberley rangers discover Australia's fastest snake on the Dampier Peninsula

Nov 20, 2014       Aboriginal coalition rejects WA heritage changes at Parliament

Nov 14, 2014       Kimberley on show at World Parks Congress 

Nov 13, 2014       Barnett turns his back on Aboriginal people 

Nov 10, 2014       Indigenous people from five continents discuss nature and culture 

Aug 6, 2014         WA Aboriginal Heritage Act needs to be scrapped

Jul 9, 2014          Traditional Owners to lose millions of dollars under Emission Reduction Fund

Jun 27, 2014       United in the stand against domestic violence        

Jun 6, 2014         KLC returns from United Nations event

Jun 4, 2014         Crocodile management top priority for Kimberley rangers

May 29, 2014      After 18 years Traditional Owners of the Fitzroy River get native title

May 8, 2014        KLC heads to New York to host United Nations event

May 7, 2014        Karajarri people declare IPA to protect country and culture

May 2, 2014        Bardi Jawi Rangers launch specialised marine vessel 

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